Network Linear Feature ID (NLF_ID):
The network linear feature identifier is commonly referred to as the NLF_ID. The NLF_ID is a 14 character code which uniquely identifies a section of road within the Base Transportation Referencing System. This program uses the id to lookup ADTs and Truck %s for that section of roadway. With the NLF_ID and a county true log point, one can locate a section of roadway within the state of Ohio.
1		  ----> Jurisdiction -  Always use S for State
 222	          ----> ODOT County Code - Use standard ODOT abbreviations (Ashtabula - ATB)
    33            ----> Route System Type -Use IR (Interstate), US, or SR
      44444       ----> Route Number - IR-90 would be 00090, IR-275 would be 00275
           5      ----> Route Nbr Extension - Always use *
            6     ----> Route Description - Use * for default, A for Alternate, etc.
             7    ----> Cardinal Direction - Use C as the default
Characters in #6 (Route Description) can include A-Alternate, B-Bypass, C-Connector, or D-Directional alternate. These should be the most common used for this application. For more information on these codes, reference the Office of Technical Services, Roadway Information Section, State Basic Roadway Inventory File.

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